Honey & Hive

At Munro Honey, we’re committed to delivering quality bee products. Our reputation for excellence in product and service will continue to be our goal and the commitment we make to all our customers. Our simple marketing philosophy: “Produce and deliver a premium quality product at a fair price.”

* Our Honey House is federally regulated and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Our facility is a licensed Safe Food for Canadians establishment and all of our Honey and Mead products are certified Kosher.

  • Local Honey & Hive Products

    Enjoy the best locally produced, 100% pure Ontario honey straight from our bee farm.


  • Meads & Melomels

    Try award-winning meads and melomels from Ontario’s first meadery.


  • Close-up of beehive frame filled with bees

    Queens & Nucs

    Our Buckfast bees are non-aggressive and highly productive.