About Us

Over 100 Years of Honey Farming

Munro Honey has been keeping bees since 1914, farming premium Ontario honey and supporting the prosperity of honey bees. In five generations of beekeeping, we’ve grown to be one of the largest producers, packers, and exporters of Canadian honey and hive products in the region.

Beekeeper wearing bee suit holding beehive frame filled with bees

Our Bees

As a recognized Buckfast Ontario Breeder, we believe that the key to maintaining strong and healthy hives is through careful breeding and management practices. We carefully select our breeding stock based on their genetics, temperament, and overall health, ensuring that we produce bees that are well-suited to the environments in which they will live and work.

Our Hive

Our Honey House is situated in the Village of Alvinston, where we offer an extensive range of honey products and meads. Additionally, we stock a wide selection of bee-themed gifts, beeswax candles, and other hive products. If you’re looking for an exciting and educational experience, be sure to stop by during the summer months to visit our Observation Hive and discover the wonders of the honey bee.

Please note that our Observation Hive is typically on display in-store from May to October.


The Munro Story


Most amazing honey ever!!

– Julie B

Great place to stop at. Looking forward to going back when I can spend more time to check it out. Love their quaint novelty and honey shop

– Mellissa W

Wow, great products! Came home with lots of treats… yummy

– Stefan P

Awesome place. I bought mead and a few honey products. Lots of parking. Awesome friendly staff. I highly recommend visiting this gem

– William L

10 out of 10 the Mead is to die for!

– Jim S