Munro Honey & Meadery

Beekeepers and Honey Producers since 1914


Over Five Generations of Beekeepers

We’re one of the largest producers of pure Canadian honey in Ontario. From 100% pure honey to our award-winning mead, we’ve been keeping bees and producing quality bee products at our honey house for over 100 years.

Beekeeper wearing a bee suit holding a beehive frame full of bees

Our Swarm

With over 3,000 colonies of honey bees, we know a thing or two about these hard-working insects. Learn how to support the bee community, how to start your own hive, and other fun bee facts!

The Honey Shop

Hive and Harvest

Crafted by Ontario’s first meadery, Hive & Harvest Session Mead is a fresh take on a classic beverage — for those with a thirst for something different.

Hive and Harvest Cans




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