Produced in Ontario

Produced in Ontario

Sweetening your day since 1914, all of our honey is 100% pure, unpasteurized, graded Canada No.1 honey produced in Ontario. Certified Kosher, inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and a Foodland Ontario partner, rest assured Munro Honey is a natural choice for you and your family.

Buckwheat Honey product image

Buckwheat Honey

This honey comes from the buckwheat plant. A dark honey with a strong flavour. Used often when baking bread for its unique flavour and great for treating sore throats.


Comb Honey product image

Comb Honey

100% pure and straight from the hive. This product is a seasonal item.


Creamed Honey product image

Creamed Honey

This smooth granulation honey is perfect for spreading on bread or toast and can also be used in baking or beverages.

Liquid Honey product image

Liquid Honey

A blend of clover, alfalfa, and other summer blossoms, this unpasteurized, pure honey is ready to add to your favourite recipe.