Meads & Melomels

Ontario’s First Meadery

After years of experimenting, recipe development, and brewing, Munro became the first meadery in Ontario. Since that time, we’ve expanded our mead list to include more traditional varieties and melomels. Our meads are internationally recognized, award-winning products made using only the finest quality honey produced in Ontario by our own honey bee colonies.

* All of our meads are Kosher

Traditional Meads

The most uncomplicated and familiar style mead made with three simple ingredients: honey, water and yeast. These meads can range from dry to semi-sweet and are comparable in many ways to white wine when pairing with dishes. Serve chilled. Pairs well with seafood, chicken and spicy foods.

Sweet Mead product image

Sweet Mead

This traditional-style sweet mead has a smooth honey taste and some light fruity overtones. Makes a nice dessert beverage and can be offered as a substitute for ice wine when looking for a lighter option.


Mead product image


This is a full-bodied, semi-sweet mead with a subtle fruity bouquet. It is a smooth mead with lots of flavour.


Dry Mead product image

Dry Mead

While honey may be sweet, this mead surprises many with its dryness. Subtle honey flavours carry this refreshing beverage to a clean, crisp finish.



Melomel (pronounced “mellow-mell”) is a category of meads in which honey and fruit have been combined. Melomels can be served as a dessert wine, with a cheese course, or enjoyed on their own. May be served chilled or at room temperature for a more intense fruit flavour.

Raspberry Melomel product image

Raspberry Melomel

This Melomel has a very fruity bouquet. The blend of raspberry and honey will tantalize your tastebuds.


Cranberry Melomel product image

Cranberry Melomel

Our Cranberry melomel is a smooth blend of sweet and tart, ideal for the holiday season.


Blueberry Melomel product image

Blueberry Melomel

Bountiful, blueberry flavour and a kiss of honey flow smoothly over your pallet. This melomel is an eye-catching berry colour that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Black Currant Melomel product image

Black Currant Melomel

This melomel is a smooth blend of tart and sweet that will tickle your tastebuds. Enjoy a complex berry aroma with the taste of juicy black currants and a subtle note of black cherry.